Seth Fluker



At Water by Seth Fluker published by Hassla Books

At Water

Published by Hassla

$25 CAD (plus shipping)

“At Water” is a new collection of landscape photographs by Seth Fluker depicting water in its many moods and textures across Canada and Japan.

8 x 10 inches
24 pages
300 copies
ISBN 978-1-940881-53-9

Antenne Books, EU/UK Distributor
Arcana: Book on the Arts, Culver City
Art Metropole, Toronto
CCA Bookstore, Montreal
Karma, New York
Neighbour, Vancouver
Photo-Eye, Santa Fe
Printed Matter, New York
The Photographers' Gallery, London
The PhotoBook Lab, Toronto
Trés Bien, Sweden

Before Things Change by Seth Fluker

Before Things Change

Published by Schnauzer / Self-published

$20 CAD (plus shipping)

“Before Things Change” contains fourteen colour photographs of a sink that I glared down at daily while working as a kitchen porter at Whole Foods Market in Soho. Each picture slowly evolved and quickly disappeared while washing grimy kitchen utensils and disposing of food waste.

7.5 x 9.5 inches
28 pages
500 copies
ISBN 978-0-9813947-0-1

MoMA, New York
Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University, New Haven
Tate Britain, London