Local, Live and Breaking

9.25 x 11.25 inches / spiral bound / digitally printed / 28 pages / 17 photos of Alberta / 100 copies

Order: $42.00 CAD (includes shipping)

2016 Photographs

Building Before Building

A new series of architectural photographs that focuses on social transition in London, UK.

Barbican Centre

Strange & Familiar: Britain as Revealed by International Photographers (curated by Martin Parr)

Before Things Change

A series of photographs taken while working dishwashing shifts at Whole Foods in London, UK.

Book: $25.00 CAD (includes shipping)

Antoine Olivier Pilion for Dazed & Confused W/2014

Seth & Sheila Stayed Behind

Collaborative project with writer Sheila Heti that bridges text and photos to form a series about longing and transition.

Published by New Documents

Grimes for i-D Magazine Issue #322

Dressed for Space

A study of sound through figurative and abstract imagery, focusing on electronic musician Robert Alfons (Trust).

Published by Art Metropole

2003 – 2015 Photographs